Yar Arghavani

SMS-Based Charity Service
In order to facilitate charitable sponsorship initiatives by RighTel subscribers, there is a SMS-based charity system for collection of popular contributions.
By activating this service, all RighTel subscribers are currently able to settle their charity contributions of 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 Rials to their intended charity centers via SMS.

How to Use the SMS-Based Charity Service

RighTel subscribers can send a blank SMS (or including the word yari) to 2077 in order to receiving an instructing SMS to show them how to activate the system, together with their intended Charity Center's code to be sent to them.
Note: For RighTel subscribers who have prepaid SIM Cards, charity costs will be deduced from their credit available in their SIM Cards. However, those who are on postpaid SIM Cards would be charged on their e-bills.