Basic Tariff

The normal tariff (non-package) for basic services of Rightel regular-sized SIM cards is shown in the following table.

Service Postpaid SIM Prepaid SIM Unit
Postpaid SIM
Prepaid SIM
internet 3G/4G 40.000 40.000 IRR / GB
On-net voice call 100 100 IRR / Minutes
Off-net voice call 555  888 IRR / Minutes
English SMS 220 262 IRR / SMS
Farsi SMS 88 105 IRR / SMS

* Announced tariff is calculated at the RighTel network. Off-net voice call tariff (national roaming) is 499 IRR.

Calling with the Emergency phone numbers is free of charge as follows.
Calling with 111 is also free.

  • Prices are calculated based on per second tariff.
  • internet tariff is calculated in Zanjan, Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad and North Khorasan provinces at 50,000 riyals and in Bushehr, Ilam and South Khorasan provinces at 60,000 riyals.
  • To enjoy4G internet services subscribers do not need to change their SIM Cards but they should be in 4g coverage areas with their mobile phone 4g configuration activated.
  • In national roaming mode, quality of services is in accordance with the level of service quality of the host operator. Thus, the Internet service in these areas shall be in accordance with features of the GPRS / EDGE (2G) Internet.
  • The cost of using voice call and SMS services in national roaming mode for RighTel subscribers is in accordance with the normal tariffs of RighTel network." (This means that in national roaming mode, on-net voice calls are free of charge, or by having voice call and SMS packages, the volume of package will be used.)

Note: If you have an active internet package, in the case of using local data traffic (domestic), you will be subject to a 50% reduction in tariffs compared to international tariff (normal). Also, due to the reduction of the free tariff (non-package) of RighTel Internet to 40,000 IRR per GB, the tariff for using local and international traffic services are the same at the time of using free tariff.