Basic Tariff

The normal tariff (non-package) for basic services of Rightel regular-sized SIM cards is shown in the following table.

Service Postpaid SIM Prepaid SIM Data SIM Unit
Postpaid SIM
Prepaid SIM
Data SIM
On-net voice call 299 ** 499 - IRR / Minutes
Of-net Voice call 299 ** 599 - IRR / Minutes
English SMS 159 220 220 IRR / SMS*
Farsi SMS 88 89 89 IRR / SMS*
MMS 198 400 400 IRR / MMS
(on-net only)
2G Internet( in Roaming Mode ) 0.4 0.6 0.5 IRR / KB
internet 3G/4G 0.15 0.6 0.5 IRR / KB

* As per the new resolution by Islamic Parliament, as of 21 March 2015, ten IRR has been added to the SMS charges which will be deposited into the general income account number 160154 with State Treasury.
** Internet open tariff for postpaid subscribers is 0.1 IRR per KB from 2a.m. to 14 p.m. and 0.5 IRR per KB from 14 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Note: Consumption of normal traffic volume (in the form of a package or normal tariff) for visiting and using native services and products whose listed in native traffic page, is included tariff reduction of 50%, in the other words per any unit of internal traffic consumption is half the normal tariff of your subscriber account. When using data services in the form of a purchased package, use of both units of internal traffic is equivalent to one unit. It should be noted that the use of Internet service on international websites continues to be a regular tariff.
You can get more information about native and international traffic on the local data traffic page.

  • Prices are calculated based on per second tariff.
  • To enjoy4G internet services subscribers do not need to change their SIM Cards but they should be in 4g coverage areas with their mobile phone 4g configuration activated.
  • In national roaming mode, quality of services is in accordance with the level of service quality of the host operator. Thus, the Internet service in these areas shall be in accordance with features of the GPRS / EDGE (2G) Internet.
  • The cost of voice calls and SMS services for subscribers on roaming tariffs is in accordance with normal tariffs of RighTel network (non-package).
  • Using RighTel services in the form of packages and plans, are subject to being under RighTel coverage.