Birthday Gift

Your Birthday Gift from RighTel
All subscribers of RighTel will receive a gift on their birthday from RighTel. The gift package will be automatically activated on your birthday so that RighTel could have a part in sharing your happy moments.

Birthday Gift package specifics
Package Regular Traffic Volume Validity SIM Card
Birthday Gift 200 MB 24 hours Postpaid, Prepaid & Data

RighTel regards the birth date in your ownership document as your birthday. Each year your birthday gift package will be activated on this date.


  • RighTel will send subscribers a notification SMS after the birthday gift package is activated
  • Using Gift and starter packs should be prioritized over other packages
  • To inquire about details of plans and packages, subscribers can call customer service center
  • Using internet package traffic volume is only possible in areas covered by the new generation network of RighTel (3G/4G)