Gift SIM Card Plan (BOGOF)

All subscribers who purchase any of RighTel SIM Cards (Postpaid and Prepaid) and are included in the gift SIM Card plan, can get a prepaid gift SIM Card with the gifts listed in the table below and enjoy benefit of free RighTel voice call.

Type of service Package amount Validity
Internet 500 MB 7 Days
Gift credit 45000 Rials 7 Days

How to get a Gift SIM Card


Prepaid SIM Card Subscribers

SMS containing the gift code for prepaid subscribers will be sent till 72 hours after their first use of the purchased SIM Card. These subscribers have 30 days to register the gift code on Sign up & purchase page and order a prepaid SIM Card for themselves or for another person and enjoy starter package gifts.

Postpaid SIM Card Subscribers

Those subscribers, who purchase and activate Postpaid SIM Card, can get their gift SIM Card via following ways and enjoy starter package gifts

  • Subscribers who refer to RighTel stores in person and purchase RighTel postpaid SIM Card:
    • Get a gift SIM Card in your name
    • Request of getting SMS containing gift code *

  • Subscribers who purchase a postpaid SIM Card via RighTel website:
    • Request of getting SMS containing gift code *

  • Subscribers who purchase a postpaid SIM Card via referring to RighTel dealers:
    • Getting of SMS containing gift code *

* 72 hours after the first use of purchased SIM Card, a SMS containing the gift code will be sent to them. These subscribers have 30 days to register for a free prepaid SIM Card in their own name or someone else. Also they are allocated a starter package gift which can be get by referring to sign up & purchase page, signing up and purchasing a gift SIM Card, using this "gift code".



Consumption of normal traffic volume (in form of package or normal tariff) for visiting and using services and products of the native whose listed on local data traffic page, is subject to a 50% reduction on tariff, i.e., per Each unit of internal traffic consumption is half the normal tariff of your account. When using data services in form of purchased package, use of both units of internal traffic is equivalent to one unit. It should be noted that use of Internet services on international websites continues to be a normal tariff. You can get more information about native and international traffic on the local data traffic page.

  • All starter packages are offered with a prepaid SIM Card.
  • Gift packages and starter packages are respectively the highest in order of being consumed. You, consequently, should pay vigilant attention to expiry date of starter packages and their remaining data allowance.
  • In the event that the services (voice calls, regular internet traffic, off-peak internet traffic, SMS, etc.) in your package are terminated, you can make use of other services in the package up to the deadline thereof.
  • Starter packages only include services within RighTel network.
  • Taking advantage from 4G internet services is possible without changing SIM Card, being under 4G coverage areas and activating 4G Internet settings on your device in all RighTel plans.
  • The cost of using voice call and SMS services in national roaming mode for RighTel subscribers is in accordance with the normal tariffs of RighTel network. (This means that in national roaming mode, on-net voice calls are free of charge, or by having voice call and SMS packages, the volume of package will be used.)
  • For more information, about rules and regulations of the plans and packages, contact RighTel Customer Service Center.