Managing Bulk and Value-Added SMS Services

RighTel subscribers could manage bulk and value-added SMS service as stated below:

  1. My RighTel app
    In the app, tap "managing bulk and value-added SMS service" to view, manage, activate or deactivate the service.
  2. Visit SMS services management system
  3. Send a blank message to 800 or 195
  4. Dial *800# or *195#
    By dial either of the numbers you will see the following menu on the screen:
    • 1: Active Services
    • 2: Stop content services
    • 3: Stop advertisements
    • 4: Send ads via personal line
    • 6: Costs of Value-added Services
USSD/SMS title remarks
Text 1 to 800
Active services RighTel has removed its daily VAS services in line with resolution number 1 of session 300 of the CRA to respect subscribers' rights. Only e-government services are active and they are offered only upon a subscriber's request.
Text 2 to 800
Stop content services With regard to explanations made in active services section on daily subscription services, subscribers do not need to anything to stop such services as RighTel has removed the services by default.
Text 3 to 800
Stop advertisements Dial the code or send the text to deactivate or stop text ads sent from message centers such as100012345 and 3000012345
Text 4 to 800
Send ads via personal line Dial the code or send the text to report a number sending ads to you so that texts sent from the reported number is blocked.
*800*6# Costs of Value-added Services You may dial the code to see the costs deducted from your credit for activating membership of value added services.**

**Related Costs deduction in accordance with resolution number 1 of session 300 of the CRA on removing daily VAS services, took place prior to June 8, 2020.

  1. Choosing any of the above items will not affect your SMS banking services.
  2. Send 5 to 800 to reactivate text ads.