Cafe Bazaar

The "Cafe Bazaar" service with cooperation and responsibility of Avaye hamrahe hooshmande hezardastan Co. has provided an opportunity of "In-App payments" service for RighTel subscribers. Subscribers can purchase applications and pay by RighTel Rials credit deduction via RighTel Payment Gateway.


  • Get your applications from Cafe Bazaar:
  • Turn on your RighTel SIM Card internet (GPRS).
  • After you sign up to Cafe Bazaar through your RighTel SIM Card internet, enter Cafe Bazaar applications virtual store.

Conditions of Using RighTel Payment Gateway Service at Café Bazaar

  • You must be a RighTel SIM Cards subscriber.
  • You must use Android on your device.
  • Keep your Cafe Bazaar application up-to-date. In each new version, some new features are added.
  • You can use the service while in national or international roaming.