A different experience with changing SIM Card

Dear RighTel subscriber, in the case of tendency, you can change your SIM Card type and enjoy the preferred service on your new SIM Card.

One-year gift
60 GB Internet (5 GB in the first 5 days of each month)
Free unlimited On-net voice call

The benefits of Postpaid SIM Card

  • Benefit from the lowest tariff for voice call and mobile internet in the country (basic tariffs)
  • Benefit from "Infinity Family" packages
  • Benefit from special packages such as Haftaiya and Deca Family for cost-effective use
  • Increasing the monthly credit limit up to 800,000 Tomans
  • Online bill paying
  • Only by paying 60.000 Tomans

For more information about Postpaid SIM Card, Visit the Postpaid SIM Card page.

How to change the SIM Card type ?

  1. Referring to account management system
  2. Using My RighTel application
  3. RighTel Stores & Counters


Tips and Rules  

After changing the product type, the SIM card will be subject to all new SIM card rules, and the subscriber will be able to purchase all packages and use all new SIM Card services; also the tariff for using services will be in accordance with the Postpaid SIM Card tariff.
Please be aware of the conditions, before any action to change.

Prepaid SIM Card owners

  • If you have any active package, you are not allowed to change the SIM Card and you have to wait until the active package expires and then try again.
  • If the credit / recharge of the SIM Card exceeds the difference between the prices you have paid for changing your SIM card to postpaid, this amount will be applied in your first postpaid SIM Card bill as a credit.
  • It is not possible to use the exciting recharge gift to increase the recharge and to pay the cost of changing your SIM Card to postpaid.
  • With changing SIM Card, your number will not be changed.
  • It is possible to change a prepaid to postpaid SIM Card with 60,000 Tomans.
  • Currently, it should be noted that changing of Prepaid to Postpaid SIM Card for Social Security SIM Cards registered with an insurance number, is not possible.