Credit Transfer

Transferring credit between RighTel SIM Cards
"Credit Transfer" Service enables the prepaid and data subscribers to send part of their credit to other prepaid and data subscribers of RighTel.

Credit Transfer service is currently provided only for prepaid and data subscribers. This service will also be launched soon for postpaid subscribers.


  • Transferred credit can be used immediately.
  • With this service you can do the following:
    • transfer credit to a RighTel subscribers
    • reporting of transfers made
    • reporting of remaining credit
    • activate and deactivate the service


  • To enable credit transfer service for the first time, dial *133# and then click call key. At this point, your account will be activated.
  • Once enabled, as the first request, you will be asked to set your password. After choosing a password you can use all the features of the "credit transfer" service. Below cases should be considered in choosing password:
    • Chosen password must be 4 digits. Fully duplicate numbers (i.e. 1111) and consecutive (i.e. 1234) are not acceptable.
    • keep your password safe.
  • range of transferable credit by this service are as follows:
    • transferable credit per transaction: IRR 10,000 to IRR 100,000
    • maximum transfer per day: IRR 1,000,000
    • After the transferring credit (including credit transfer costs) the subscriber should have accredit of at least IRR 5,000 so as to be able to make calls after credit transfer.


The cost of credit transfer is IRR 500 per transaction which is deducted from credit sender.