Deca Family

Is still the most economic family of smart communications
Deca Plan was introduced in the state communications industry to make possible unlimited usage of voice calls and SMS for users of both prepaid and postpaid RighTel subscriptions. Currently, with respect to subscribers' glad-handing at this plan, RighTel provides hybrid packages based on the new communication generations (3G/4G) within the framework of its Deca Plan, which offers new opportunities for managing expenses and enjoying desirable experiences of being in contact with friends and relatives.

Products and Values of Deca Family:

  • Deca
  • Deca Gap
  • Deca Tech
  • Deca Unlimited
Package name On-net voice call(min) On-net SMS Off-net voice call(min) Off-net SMS) Normal traffic volume** Off-peak hours traffic volume* Price*** (IRR)
Deca 10,000 10,000 - - - - 120,000
Deca Gap 10,000 10,000 130 130 - - 150,000
Deca Tech 10,000 10,000 130 130 3 3 300,000
Deca Unlimited 10,000 10,000 250 250 5 5 400,000

* Off-peak hours are 2 A.M. to 7 A.M.
** Consumption of your SIM Card data for those products and services which are listed on the page for local traffic will be subject to a discount of 50 %. In other words, you will be charged half of your normal fee when you visit a local service. Upon package tariff, likewise, you will be charged only one unit as for two units of local data consumption. It is important to note that data usage for international websites and services will be metered based on regular tariff.
For more information on local and intentional traffics, visit here.
*** All prices include VAT.


  • All packages will be valid for 30 days since the activation date.
  • Gift packages and initial packages are respectively the highest in order of being consumed.
  • You can get informed of regulations on plans and packages by calling RighTel's Customer Service Center.
  • In the event that the services (voice calls, regular internet traffic, off-peak internet traffic, SMS, etc.) in your package are terminated, you can make use of other services in the package up to the deadline thereof.
  • All packages of RighTel SIM Cards, including calls, SMS, and internet, will be activated only in 3G and 4G coverage areas. In areas outside the RighTel coverage, only basic services, including calls, SMS, and national roaming-covered internet, will be usable under 2G coverage areas (under regular, i.e., off-package, tariffs).


How to Purchase Deca Family Packages

  1. USSD codes
    USSD Codes for Deca Family
    Package name USSD Code
    Ordering Deca *200*2010#
    Ordering Deca Gap *200*2011#
    Ordering Deca Tech *200*2012#
    Ordering Deca Unlimited *200*2013#
  2. Purchasing via the short-message system 2020
    2020 SMS for Deca Family
    Description Sending following command to 2020 for prepaid SIM Card Sending following command to 2020 for postpaid SIM Card
    Ordering Deca ON 97112119 On 97122090
    Ordering Deca Gap ON 97112120 On 97122091
    Ordering Deca Tech ON 97112121 On 97122092
    Ordering Deca Unlimited ON 97112122 On 97122093
  3. Purchase via RighTel website/ main page for purchasing packages
  4. Purchase via e-Care
  5. RighTel stores
  6. Purchase via My Rightel