گفتگو با کارشناسان
Direct TOP-UP

Direct top up

Increase your credit through RighTel Website without any need to entering PIN Code

"Direct top-up through the RighTel Website" Service, enables all prepaid and DATA subscribers to easily increase their credit in the shortest possible time. To benefit from this service, insert your mobile phone number and the required amount in the RighTel website and directly receive requested credit. Using the service is free of charge.

Features and Advantages

No need to PIN code

Selecting the required amount of credit based on the use

Direct charging of credit for subscribers


At first, refer to “Direct top-up” section on RighTel’s Website on charge.rightel.ir

Then, insert the RighTel phone no. and amount of required credit then, select your Banking Portal.

After entering the bank portal, you must insert 16 digit numbers of your Shetab Card, internet bank password, and CVV2 code and confirm your payment.

Then, the amount of requested credit is deducted from your banking account and it is directly added to your RighTel credit balance.

The selected amount shall be in the range of IRR 10,000 to IRR 2,000,000 and it must be a multiple of 100.


you can contact your bank to receive internet bank password.