E-Government Services

E-government services have been launched with the cooperation and responsibility of the Naji Research & Development company. RighTel subscribers will be able to use services offered on e-government platform as follows.

How to use

You may use the services in accordance with the following table.

  Service name Service name Price per received SMS (IRR)
1 Vehicle's violations inquiry Send vehicle's VIN number to 1101202020 3,500
2 Driving license negative points inquiry Send driver's license number to 1101202020 3,500
3 Driving license issuance status inquiry Send national ID code to 1101202010 3,500
4 Vehicle's fuel card status inquiry Send vehicle's VIN number to 1101202040 3,500
5 *Stolen vehicle inquiry Send (VIN*) national ID code to 11012030 3,500
6 Unmounted vehicle number plates inquiry Send national ID code to 11012040 3,500
7 Public Military services status inquiry Send Question mark (?) to 110206010 3,500

* By this service, a subscriber whose vehicle has been stolen, after filing a complaint at C.I.D Police of NAJA, will get the latest status on the stolen car by sending his/her national ID code and the vehicle's VIN number (National ID code*VIN) to 11012030.

Note: a VIN number is composed of 17 characters (digits and capital letters) written on the vehicle card and vehicle deed.

Services Tariff

These are value added services (VAS). It is free to send a message to the numbers mentioned above, but service cost is deducted upon receiving a text.