Friends and Family Service

RighTel Supports Your Friendship
The services allows you to introduce TWO non-RighTel (off-net) numbers to which you make most of your calls and get special discounts on your voice calls with that numbers.
Postpaid subscribers will get a 10% discount on their voice calls with the TWO numbers chosen after activating the service while prepaid subscribers are offered a 5% discount.
You can add a non-RighTel (off-net) number to your friend's list for a month by paying 5,000 IRR.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce call costs with two off net numbers to which you make most of your calls.
  • Applicable for both post-paid and prepaid subscribers.
  • The service is inactive when roaming, therefore the calls to the TWO desired numbers will charged based on standard tariffs.
  • Cost of adding a number to the list will be considered on postpaid subscriber's next bill while the fee is deducted from a prepaid subscriber's credit upon registering the desired numbers.


Description Price (IRR)
Enable / Disable the service Free
Adding an OFF-NET number to your friends list 5,000
Removing one number from friends list Free
View the Friends List Free

How to activate off-net number

Activate and make settings by logging in to my RighTel system and selecting the service of friends and family in the "My information" menu, entering the "My services" section and adding the intended number
Activate and make settings by entering My RighTel application in the Friends and Family section and adding the intended number.
Also, due to RighTel policy regarding the welfare of subscribers and free on-net calls, there is no need to add RighTel numbers in this service.