What countries and operators support LTE international Roaming?

To view the list of countries and operators which right now support international roaming service, click here.

What is the cost of voice call and internet service in international roaming mode?

In this service, the price of voice call is based on 1 minute and the costs are rounded on minute, i.e. the cost for any call less than 60 seconds is calculated as 1 minute. Internet cost is calculated per 50 KB.

(Exceptions are indicated on the https://www.rightel.ir/int-tariff page).

How to activate international roaming on your phone / device?

This service is activated by default for all RighTel subscribers and is free of charge. In case the service is not automatically activated, turn the phone off then turn it on.

To see the manual search for the intended operator on RighTel SIM Card or setting roaming configurations to use internet, refer to Setting Guide on the RighTel website.

What is international roaming service?

International roaming is a service which allows subscribers to make phone calls, send SMS and use internet with their SIM cards in foreign countries that are party to the contract with their operator. Using this service, they do not need to buy SIM Card in foreign countries.

For more information refer to international roaming page on the RighTel website.

How to acquire information about international roaming tariffs in countries under RighTel coverage?

Subscribers can refer to “international roaming tariff”page on the RighTel website or call 00989202000000

Does turning on the mobile phone in roaming mode deducts airtime?

No. By turning on the mobile phone in roaming mode if subscriber does not use calling, texting and internet services, no airtime is deducted.

How to recharge in International Roaming Mode?

There are lots of ways to recharge a SIM Card. Prepaid and Data subscribers can visit “purchase airtime” page on the RighTel website and recharge their SIM Card.

Postpaid subscribers may refer to My RighTel application and go to "Increase and Decrease Credit" section to increase their credit level to 8.600.000 IRR and prevent their SIM Card from being one-way blocked.

To view all methods of recharging or paying bill refer to “tariffs, payments and increase airtime” on RighTel FAQs section.

How to avoid unwanted international roaming mode activation at border areas?

At borders, there is always a possibility of overlapping between Iranian and foreign networks. Therefore, subscribers should make sure that their device is under RighTel coverage or other domestic operators in national roaming mode.

How to dial a Number when you are using International Roaming Service?

  • For Mobile Phone

00 country code+ phone number (drop 0)

For example: 009892********

  • Dialing a Landline

00 country code+ city code+ phone number

For example for a phone number in Tehran: 009821********

For more information about data roaming setting, please visit the Data roamingactivation/deactivation

Is it possible to use USSD codes in international roaming mode?

Yes, it is possible now to use all USSD code in international roaming mode.