What are Mobile Number Portability to RighTel advantages?

  • Changing mobile operator without the need to change the phone number and prefix number
  • Access to High speed and high quality internet
  • Availability of cost-effective plans, proportionate to all needs
  • Enjoying lowest tariffs for all the services (voice call, SMS, Data,…)
  • Network coverage across Iran with access to RighTel 3G and 4G as well as national roaming with no change in tariffs

ow many times a year can a subscriber ask for portability for a specified phone number?

Each subscriber can use portability twice a year for a specified number. Going back to the origin operator is not regarded as portability.

Is it necessary to change physical piece of the SIM Card in porting to RighTel?

Yes. In portability subscriber keeps his/her phone number and changes his/her operator. This means that mobile phone number and prefix number does not change. But to use the new operators’ services the physical piece of SIM Card must be changed.

in case of requesting for portability in RighTel stores, the subscriber receives the new SIM Card in the store while the SIM Card, for those who requested for portability in RighTel website, will be delivered by post. 

Does portability to RighTel charges subscribers?

No. it’s free of charge.

Are SIM Cards deactivated during portability process?

No. SIM Card is not deactivated in any stage of portability. It only takes 5 minutes to deactivate the previous SIM Card and activate a new one.

International roaming will be blocked for previous postpaid SIM Card until the subscribers’ number is activated in the new operator

Who is able to use this service?

All real-entity and legal entity subscribers of postpaid and prepaid SIM Cards can use this service.

Is it possible to transfer airtime and package (Data, SMS…) from previous operator to new SIM Card during portability?

No. after portability, prepaid SIM Cards will lose all their credit. All packages on postpaid and prepaid SIM Cards will also expire.

Subscribers can purchase airtime and packages on the New SIM Card after portability.

How are tariffs calculated after subscriber ports to RighTel?

After portability, RighTel tariff are applied for subscribers.

What is mobile number portability?

Mobile number portability is a feature that allows subscribers to change their mobile operator without the need to change their number. 

Is it possible that the type of SIM Card (postpaid or prepaid) changes during portability?

No. After portability, a prepaid number remains prepaid and a postpaid number remains postpaid. 

How many ways are there to request for portability?

Real entity subscribers may visit RighTel website or refer to one of the RighTel stores or Sale & Service dealers  to submit portability request.

For legal entity subscribers, the representative of the subscriber must submit the formal portability request and his/her company’s identity documents in one of the RighTel stores.

What are the required conditions for postpaid subscribers to be able to ask for portability?

Portability of postpaid SIM Card depends of settling primary bill issued by the original operator. Postpaid subscriber should pay the bill till in 24 hours after issuance of the bill. If subscribers fail to pay the bill by in due period portability request will be rejected.

Will subscribers be able to benefit from all basic and value added services after porting to RighTel?

Yes, in fact after accomplishment of porting, the new subscriber will be able to use all provided services offered by RighTel except “Pay for Me" service.

Is it possible the legal SIM Card ported to RighTel network, receives RighTel corporate services?

Yes. It is now possible to get corporate services for RighTel ported SIM Cards.

For more information about corporate services visit https://www.rightel.ir/en/business

Is it possible to request for porting legal mobile numbers?

Yes. Porting legal SIM Cards to RighTel is possible via one of the following ways:

1- In person referring of a representative or legal attorney or the applicant organization to one of RighTel stores.

2- Pre-registering via https://www.rightel.ir/business/mnp, then in person referring of a representative or legal attorney or the applicant organization to one of RighTel stores.