How many ways are defined for using the RighTel Internet service?

1-Use the Internet without purchasing a package, in this way the internet fees are calculated based on normal tariff

2- Purchasing internet packages

You can use one of the following ways to purchase and activate Internet packages:

  • Purchase via USSD *142# -For more information, see the USSD code page.
  • Purchasing via My RighTel application


***If you are using RighTel Internet in the form of package, Internet fees are more cost-effective.

For more information about the packages, go to “plans and tariffs”.


How can you be informed about packages and plans details of RighTel and purchase them?

For more details on RighTel packages and plans visit "plans and tariffs” menu on RighTel website

To purchase and activate packages proceed with one of the following:

What is the Number of RighTel Short Message Center (SMS Center)?

RighTel SMS center number is 00989200000920 or +989200000920 (in most cases, this number is automatically saved in the device). 

What value-added services are provided by RighTel?

At the moment, RighTel provides a variety of value-added services such as Rinavaz, pay for me, Friends and Family and etc. For complete information on RighTel services, go to "Products and Services", the "Communication Services" and "Modern Services".

What is the maximum number of characters per SMS?

The maximum number of characters per SMS is 160 for English letters and 70 for Persian letters.