How can RighTel SIM Card be transferred to another person?

RighTel subscribers can transfer ownership of their SIM Card to someone else. After ownership transfer is done, the ownership of the transferor will be annulled and the transferee will be the new owner.

For information on conditions and documents, refer to "SIM Card transfer" on RighTel website. 


How can RighTel SIM Card be replaced?

If you need to change the SIM Card (Swap), be sure that the original owner of the SIM Card attends to one of the RighTel stores or Sale & Service dealers with an original valid document (national ID card, new birth certificate with national ID code or passport), title deed and the physical SIM Card (if there is).

For information on conditions and requirements, refer to "SIM Card replacement" on RighTel website.

Foreigners can only replace the SIM Card with valid residence card or passport.

How a RighTel SIM Card of deceased subscriber can be transferred to another person?

If the SIM Card owner pass away, his legal lawyer may refer to one of RighTel main stores for SIM Card transfer with the following documents:

Certificate of exclusive inheritance

Power of Attorney, if all of the heirs are not present at the store, the attorney should be delegated to one of heirs by others. (Also, if the heirs are under age, providing letters of administration is nessesary)

Note: It should be considered that the authority limit assigned to the lawyer, have been clearly stated in the power of attorney.

The original national ID card or a new lawyer's birth certificate

• For information on other documents and conditions, refer to "SIM Card Transfer " page at RighTel website.