How to activate RighTel SIM Card?

If you purchase a SIM Card from RighTel website, upon presentation of valid identification documents and sign a registration form and agreement by subscriber, RighTel delivers the SIM Card and starts the communication mobile services for the subscriber.

If you purchase from RighTel stores or authorized sales & services dealers upon presentation of valid identification and sign a registration form and agreement by subscriber, the SIM Card will be delivered to them and at the same time it can be used.

If you purchase a SIM Card from other points of sale, the subscriber should register the SIM Card in one of the RighTel stores or authorized Sales & services dealers. Obviously, in this case, upon presentation of valid identification documents and sign a registration form and agreement by the subscriber, the documents will be sent to the Company and then communication with mobile services of RighTel is established for subscriber. 

What are RighTel prefix number?

  • 0920 prefix is for RighTel postpaid SIM Cards
  • 0921 and 0922 prefix is used for RighTel prepaid and data SIM Cards.

What kind of SIM Cards are offered by RighTel?

RighTel SIM Cards provided in three types of "postpaid", "prepaid" and “data" but now, RighTel SIM cards provide in two types of "Postpaid" and "Prepaid" SIM Card.

Previous Data SIM Card subscribers still have the possibility to use the RighTel services.

Is there any age limits for registration of RighTel SIM Cards?

Yes. The applicant must be 18 years old. 

How much additional cost should be paid to carry out the registration process?

In order to register via the RighTel stores and authorized sale & services dealers, no fee will be charged and the paid amount is only cost of purchasing the product, in accordance with tariffs on the RighTel website.

For more information about RighTel products and services tariff, refer to "Plans &Tariffs" page, on the RighTel website.

What documents are required to buy a SIM Card?

  • National ID card, new birth certificate containing National ID card or passport
  • The original owner or his/her legal representative shall be present during registration and receiving SIM Card. 

How many SIM Cards foreigners can purchase?

Based on current regulations, foreigners can purchase a maximum of 3 RighTel SIM Card in existing SIM Card types.


How can to receive package if the subscriber is not present at the place when the order is delivered by post?

In this case the subscribers can go to the SIM Cards Tracking on RighTel website and check the latest status of the order.

Meanwhile, if there is any problem, you can contact to the RighTel Call Center by dialing 200 for free from RighTel SIM Cards and 09202000000 from other lines or refer to web chat for online speak with RighTel customer service center staff

What are the requirements to transfer RighTel SIM Cards to foreigners?

Foreign nationals residing in Iran can provide the required documents (Residence card or passport) to purchase a RighTel SIM Cards including Postpaid or Prepaid and benefit from its services.

The applicants shall purchase SIM Card from RighTel stores or Sale & Services dealers .