What’s the National roaming?

RighTel establishes a national coverage and it has provided a complete national roaming. Using national roaming, all RighTel subscribers can enjoy basic services including voice call, SMS and the Internet of other operators (second generation) in areas outside the RighTel 3G and 4G coverage.

 For more information, refer to “National Roaming” page.

Does it need a special setting to activate / deactivate this service?

For information on how to activate / deactivate the roaming service on your device, go to "National Roaming – activation /deactivation" on the RighTel website.

Is it possible to use RighTel plans and packages in roaming mode?

The use of various RighTel services in the form of packages and plans is subject to the presence of the RighTel network, and the use of RighTel services in roaming mode is subject to the normal tariff of RighTel (non-package). To view services tariff when using this service, go to the "Basic Tariffs."

Do RighTel subscribers have to pay more cost for these services?

Using the service is free for RighTel subscribers. To view services tariff when using this service, go to the "Basic Tariffs."

For more information, go to the "National Roaming" page.

Is it possible for subscribers of host operators to use the RighTel services?

Now the service is provided in one direction and it is only for RighTel network. In other words, the subscriber of host operators can’t use RighTel network outside the coverage of their operators. 

Is it possible to use basic and value added services of the host operators?

It is now possible to use the service of "voice call", "SMS" and "Internet" through the host operators’ network.

It should be noted that the quality of services for RighTel subscribers is in accordance with the quality of host operator. Thus, the Internet service in these areas are in accordance with features of the GPRS / EDGE (second generation) Internet