How to set your mobile phone, tablet or modem to connect to 4G?

Internet setting for 4G is similar to 3G. Subscribers do not need to create a new APN to use 4G. They should only mark 4G/LTE in phone setting. To set it to 4G do as following

 Android phones

Setting>More>Mobile network>Network mode > (2G/3G/4G auto) or (GSM/WCDMA/LTE) or (Preferred 4G/LTE)

iOS phones

Setting > Cellular >Voice & Data >LTE

Windows phones

Setting > Mobile +SIM > SIM setting > Highest connection speed > 4G

It is recommended to mark “4G preferred” for modems so that the modem could connect to 3G or 2G in case 4G is not available. If “4G only” or “LTE only” is marked, the device would be out of service when there is no 4G coverage.

In case of being in 4G coverage the device automatically searches for 4G.

Also, if you want, you can refer to "Connecting to the RighTel Network Guide" on the RighTel website, to see a step by step way for installing the device.

Which cities support 4G and when will 4G is supported all around of Iran?

RighTel 4G is right now launched in more than 660 cities of the country and other cities are also quickly being added to the covered areas.

For more information on 4G coverage areas refer to “coverage areas” on RighTel website.

Are 3G mobiles compatible with services provided in 4G?

To benefit from 4G services, mobile phones must be compatible with 4G technology.

To ensure this feature, users can search their mobile phone on “smart life” page or follow one of the below ways:

·   Searching reliable websites, which explain mobile phone specifications

·   Mobile phone setting and possibility of choosing 4G in manual or automatic search

Information contained in mobile phone booklet

Is it necessary to change the SIM Card to be able to connect to 4G?

No. All RighTel SIM Cards support 3G and 4G.

What is 4G and what are its benefits?

The fourth generation of mobile network which is the latest generation of mobile networks in Iran brings distinguishable experience for mobile and internet users. Networks are based on internet protocol and employs latest technology to provide subscribers with a bandwidth faster than previous generations. Download speed in LTE network is up to 150 Mbps and upload speed is 50 Mbps. The internet speed varies depending on the number of users simultaneously connected to internet in a specific geographical location

Are all RighTel internet packages useable in 4G?

Yes. Subscribers can purchase current internet packages with the same volume and price. They can benefit from higher quality and speed in 4G without paying extra price.

Does any special indicator appear on the cell phone after setting the configurations?

Yes. In case subscriber is in 4G coverage area the words “4G” or “LTE” is shown on the phone screen.

Subscriber may change the configuration on 3G or 2G if he/she wishes to deactivate 4G.

What is the maximum speed provided for subscribers?

RighTel's Internet service is provided in the form of a package, starter or non-package (normal tariff) for all RighTel subscribers without any bandwidth restrictions.

It should be noted that subscribers may experience different bandwidth in different geographical locations due to network traffic.

How fast is 4G download and upload rate?

Like all internet services, download rate is faster than upload rate in 4G. For instance, a subscriber downloading with 30 Mpbs may experience an upload rate of 2 Mpbs.

Do subscribers need to upload any documents to be able to use 4G?

No, there is no need to upload documents to use 4G. All subscribers may without any limitation use this service in coverage areas.

What value added services will be launched for this generation?

Value added services for 4G does not differ from those for 3G. All subscribers have the access to whole value added services of RighTel network; however this services are provided with higher quality and speed.

What is the Third Generation of Mobile Technology (3G)?

This generation of mobile networks is the more advanced generation than previous generations, and the speed and capacity of data transmission is high; thereby you can access the Internet at very high speeds. Increased bandwidth, high-speed network connectivity and support for new technologies such as third generation mobile phone technology has revolutionized various services offered and thus added value is created.