Free on-net voice call

In order to spread the culture of empathy and with the slogan "Emphatic Companion", RighTel has made free the on-net voice call. You can benefit from a free call with all RighTel subscribers over the country with a free voice call plan without the need to purchase a call package. This possibility is active for all RighTel subscribers and there is no need to activate or pay any fees.

In this regard, RighTel provided a campaign with a focus on the message "Hang up your phone, first" and with the focus on unlimited and free on-net voice call throughout the country.

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By joining RighTel, you can enjoy free on-net voice call and 6GB free internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Free voice call

On-net voice call are voice calls made from one RighTel number to another RighTel number. It should be noted that both parties for calling, must be in RighTel network and not ported. The pre-number of RighTel prepaid SIM Cards are 0921 and 0922 and for postpaid SIM Cards are 0920.

Free on-net voice call, is - by default - activated for prepaid and postpaid SIM Cards. You do not need to do anything to activate the plan.
In order to use the plan, your SIM Card should be active. If your postpaid SIM Card is blocked because of unpaid debt or if your prepaid SIM Card is blocked due to lack of credit, pay the debt or recharge your account so as to activate your SIM Card. To view your SIM Card status, you can visit SIM Card status page, use My RighTel app or dial 211.

Until further notice, the call between subscribers is free. In case of a change in the call tariff, it will be informed via SMS and other communication channels.

On-net voice call to RighTel numbers are possible with a fair Usage Policy (1800 minutes per month).

RighTel subscribers in national roaming is also free.


Hang up your phone, first