Gift of suggesting RighTel to friends

Suggest RighTel to your friends and get a gift

  • If you enjoy the possibility of free voice call with all RighTel subscribers
  • If you are satisfied with the high speed Internet
  • If RighTel could surprise you with interesting gifts
  • If you have the most affordable tariffs
  • If the variety of packages are tailored to your needs

Do not hesitate. Good friends share all the good experiences؛ Share the enjoy of being a RighTel subscriber with your friends.

Gifts of suggesting RighTel to friends
Gift Internet
Validity: 30 days

If you suggest RighTel to your friends or acquaintances and that person purchases RighTel SIM Card via Sign up & purchase , by filling out the number of the introducer, you will be allocated 10GB free internet for 30 days as a gift online.


Social security plan

A prepaid SIM Card with one year free services, including 2GB Internet each month, along with unlimited on-net voice call in the case of purchasing any of Internet packages

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The first SIM Cards

If you are not a member of Social Security family and have not become RighTel subscriber yet, do not worry. In RighTel SIM Card plan, you will be given a prepaid SIM Card with 6 months free services.

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