RighTel Grand Prize Draw

Dear compatriots, until the end of April 2019, by sign up or activate your SIM Card; you can be a member from the RighTel family and participate in the grand draw for an apartment unit valued at one billion Toman.
Become a RighTel subscriber as soon as possible…
Dear RighTel subscribers, you can increase your chance of winning the RighTel grand prize by earning more points. In the following ways, you can earn and increase your points for an apartment unit valued at one billion Toman.

Subscriber type Purchase/SIM Card sign up/ Port to RighTel The first use of the SIM Card Purchase point per 100,000 Rial recharge / Increase credit Point per 100,000 Rial bill payment (E-bill or Hot-bill) Purchasing package per 100.000 Rial
Postpaid 5 1 2 2 2
Prepaid & Data 1 1 2 0 2
Grand Draw, 21 April 2019, coincides with the great Eid of Mid-Sha'ban
You can be a winner

The Draw Rules

  • • The basis for the grand draw is the RighTel phone number and not the person. (A person with many phone numbers can win).
  • • SIM Card account balance, in addition, to participate for the draw, is also applicable to all types of a voice call, SMS, Internet, purchasing packages and other services.
  • • The amount of 100,000 Rial (the amount of increasing credit/debt payment / purchasing package), is VAT included.
  • • If the increasing credit is by the credit transfer method, the subscriber will not be subject to the grand draw plan.

How to participate in the grand draw

Subscribers will automatically participate in the draw based on the earned points (according to the table described in the bonus section).

How to inquiry a point

Point inquiry is possible through the account management system.

Ways of increasing point

By choosing and clicking on any of the following, you can increase your point: