Ham Ahang

The "Ham Ahang" Service with the cooperation and responsibility of Hoodadtech Co. has provided the opportunity for RighTel subscribers, in which can access a diverse and perfect collection of rich Iranian music. This service would allow users to enjoy a wide range of music via RighTel data.

How to use

  • This service is available for Android and IOS platforms. You can download the latest version of Harmony from http://ham-ahang.com/dl/ or the links below, and then install it.

    Ham Ahang web site
  • Turn your mobile data on and open Ham Ahang application
  • To use Ham Ahang service, you don't need to create an account. You can use it as "new user".
  • Listen to all the music is free of charge.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs
  • You can use the app to listen to radio
  • Refer to Rightel selected content on ham Ahang's main page and use special contents for Rightel subscriber.

Conditions of receive free applications special for Rightel subscribers

  • You must be a Rightel subscriber.
  • Your device must be Android or IOS.
  • Keep your Ham Ahang updated. New features are added to each upgraded version.
  • In national roaming mode, this service is offered under 2G internet quality with roaming tariffs.

As you are connected via Rightel, you can use the application free of charge and with connect to Wi-Fi network on communication platform other than Rightel, free access to Ham ahang is not possible; however, returning to Rightel network would again make the service free of charge.

Service cost

The subscription cost for a "Ham-Ahang" application is daily 3000 IRR.


Service support number: 09206309488
Support center working hours: SAT to WED: 9:00 ~ 18:00
Note: Dear subscriber, since this service is provided by a partner company of RighTel, you should call the above support center only for support services.