Religious application "Ham Nava (Homophonic)"

The "Ham Nava" service has launched with the cooperation and responsibility of Hoodadtech Co. Ham Nava is a religious broadcasting application based on user demand. The main features of this service are the classification of works in titles such as occasion and owners of the work. In this service, the user will also be able to listen to their favorite songs in the form of media streaming and also offline (download).

Some features of the service:

  • The greatest archives of religious songs
  • Personalization of tools and facilities
  • The most diverse categorization based on eulogy, song, speech and...
  • Separate songs content based on album, mono-song, podcast and play list
  • Display the content of application based on the latest and most popular
  • Classification of occasions (Muharram, religious Eid, etc.)
  • Playing religious videos such as speech, eulogy, religious clip art and...
  • Ability to download of content and offline access
  • Possibility to create personal playlist

Activating /deactivating the service

  • Activating:
    text 1 to 307540
  • Deactivating:
    text "off" to 307540

How to use the service

  • After subscription and activation the service, download and install "Ham Nava".
  • Enter with Wi-Fi or your RighTel SIM Card Internet.
  • Enter your RighTel number, select "verification" and wait for the code to be sent via SMS.
  • You can use the features of this application by entering the received code and choosing "Activate"

How to get the application

Currently, this service is available for Android and iOS platforms and you can download and install the latest version of "Ham Nava" through the direct link.

Direct download

More info

Settings guide – iOS version

Select settings
Select Device Management
Click on Trust "Al aroosa B M Tranding"
Select " Al aroosa B M Trading" Trust
Select allow

Service cost

The subscription cost for "Ham Nava" application is 4000 IRR daily.


Service support number: 09206309488
Support center working hours: SAT to WED: 9:00 ~ 18:00
Note:Dear subscriber, since this service is provided by a partner company of RighTel, you should call the above support center only for support services.