Rinavaz Service is one of the most RighTel attractive services, that RighTel subscribers (Postpaid and prepaid) can replace Conventional beep tone. By this service give your callers the chance of listening to favorite piece of music or the selected song in the waiting time of connection. RighTel subscribers can search and select different types of music ranging from classic, traditional, pop, soundtrack, TV Series, etc., from Rinavaz collection.
Note: Rinavaz settings are saved on the RighTel mobile phone network and is not related with mobile phone settings. It's also possible to use the service on phones that can support the third-generation mobile phone network, and the model or mobile features do not care about the use of this service.

A Summary of Services

  • Dedicating one or several Rinavaz songs to a person or a group in determined times.
  • Stopping Rinavaz song for a specific person or group
  • Give Rinavaz to other subscribers of RighTel as a gift
  • Copy Rinavaz of other RighTel subscribers
  • Recommend your favorite music to RighTel

The cost of purchasing each Rinavaz Song is maximum IRR 3,000 and this amount is paid for using this service for a specific period of time. There will be no monthly, activation and change of settings costs for the subscribers.
Note: The cost of purchasing Rinavaz is deducted from credit of prepaid subscribers and for postpaid subscribers, it will be added to their bill.

Each Rinavaz will remain on the album after it has been purchased until the end of its validity period, and will be usable.

  • Purchase Rinavaz > Refer to "My Rinavaz"