Router Usage Guide

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  • Supports both RighTel 3G and 4G networks
  • Dual using feature as 3G/4G router or wireless router (maximum download 150Mbps /upload 50 Mbps speed)
  • Supports all common Wi-Fi standards (802.11 n, ac)
  • Supports 2 Wi-Fi frequency band and offers maximum bandwidth in each two frequencies (band 2.4 Ghz maximum bandwidth 300 Mbps and band 5Ghz maximum bandwidth 433 Mbps)
  • Simultaneous 16 user connectivity in 2.4 Ghz frequency and 32 user simultaneous connectivity in 5Ghz frequency
  • Excellent signal rates in 54 meter with 74 dBm signal level
  • Fast and easy connection to internet
  • Supports Persian SMS
  • Possibility to activate parental control mode and guest access to network status
  • Possibility to turn off wireless only and keep connection via LAN ports
  • 2 SIM Card Adapter Convertor

Hardware features

  • 4 port Ethernet connection
  • WAN Input port
  • Supports 3G and 4G RighTel networks
  • 3Wi-Fi internal antenna and 2 connectable 4G antennas
  • Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band
  • Automatic APN configuration

Router box contents

  1. Router/Modem device
  2. Two networks 3G/4G antennas
  3. Two SIM card adapters
  4. LAN cable
  5. Device power line adaptor
  6. Router user guide and quick install

Modem main part

How to install and launch

A. How to install the SIM card (This modem requires a regular SIM card to operate)

  1. To insert Nano or micro SIM Cards, users may use adapters to insert the SIM as a regular-sized SIM Card.
  2. In the next step, SIM card must be inserted in the slot.
  3. When inserting the SIM Card in its slot, users hear a clicking sound which shows the SIM Card is correctly inserted.

B. Launching the router
Insert the SIM card in the slot then attach the antennas according to the image below. Then plug the adaptor into a power socket and attach it to the router. Finally turn on your router. The device uploads fast and it is ready to use with default configurations. User name and password to connect to router Wi-Fi is printed under the device.

According to connect to Wi-Fi is seen on the sticker on the router in the image below.

One feature in this device is the Wi-Fi deactivation switch. By deactivating Wi-Fi, the device will continue to provide service as router but only the devices that are connected to the router via cable can access network.

In order to hard reset the router, users can press the WPS/Reset button on the back of the router. Press and hold the WPS/Reset button for 10 seconds until all indicators on the modem turn on and flash. Then release the button and wait until the Router reboots.

Router indicators guide

Indicators on the router show the status of the device.

Router indicators and their meanings
Explanation Position Marker sign
  1. The router launching process successfully completed.
  2. The router is powering on or firmware is upgrading. Do not unplug the router.
  3. The router is off
  1. Internet connection is ready.
  2. Internet disconnected.
  1. Router is connected to 4g network
  2. Router is connected to networks other than 4g.
  1. At least one of the frequency bands are active.
  2. Wireless is either off or deactivated.
  1. At least one device is connected via router.
  2. No device is connected via router
  1. Connecting via WPS. Indicator is on for about 5 minutes then turns off.
  2. Connecting via WPS. This process may take about 2 minutes.

  1. It shows network signal level. Strong signal shows the higher quality of network signal.
  2. There is no signal.


Connect to internet

  1. Connecting via Wi-Fi

    After attaching antennas and inserting the SIM card, users should turn the modem on and wait until their lap top, tablet or phone finds the Wi-Fi. Then users should type the Wi-Fi password provided on the back side of the device to connect to router Wi-Fi. (Since the device supports 2.4 GHz or 5GHz wireless network, the suitable SSID is provided on the back side of the device.)

    • APN settings are saved on RighTel router. by inserting the SIM card and turning the device on, it will connect to internet if it is in coverage area.
    APN default mode is 4G (LTE). In this mode, 4G service is provided to subscriber and when 4G is not available, subscribers connect to internet via 3G. Correct insertion of SIM card, availability of 4G network and connection to internet is ensured when the indicator is on. If this indicator is on, you are properly connected.
    You can also see the network signal by checking indicator. In standard mode, signal strength of 3 or 4 bars provides suitable service.


  2. Connect via cable
    Use the cable to attach the router to your device. Choose automatic setting on your device to connect to internet.
    To change router settings, user can type IP: in device browser access the router control panel

Device Software settings in e-care

To make any change in software setting through user's portal, type or in your internet browser when connected to internet via Wi-Fi or cable.
Immediately after tapping enter the following window pops up and asks you for a new password. Password strength is also shown. This password is used to for signing into management panel and it is different from the one used for connecting to Wi-Fi.

Upon entering device panel, users will see the preliminary setting page which shows general information such as connection status, number of users connected to the device and similar other issues.

To do the preliminary setting on the device, you can use the quick setup menu to make changes. After entering the quick setup page, a defined RighTel profile is and there is no need to make any changes. By tapping next you are directed to the next page.

In the new page you can change each of router SSID names related to wireless frequency band or and setting password for each one. You can also unmark the enable option for both wireless bands to disable that frequency band. In this case, when searching to find the intended SSID name, only the one SSID that is active can be seen.

If the password is less than 8 characters, the device will not allow users to go to next page. After typing a permissible password and tapping next, a page containing summary information is shown. You can tap back to modify this information if needed otherwise you can tap next to go next page.

After tapping next a question on connecting via cable or Wi-Fi is asked from user. By providing an answer, router examines internet connection and shows all information in a window.


Changing Admin password

To change Admin password which is required for signing into user panel, you can take the following path: advanced>system tools>administration to change the password.

PIN code setting

In default mode when the SIM PIN is enabling, the device does not connect to network and asks for the PIN code. (Signal level indicator is off.) To establish network connection, you can take the following path to disable the PIN code: advanced>network> PIN management.

In this window, you should click on PIN lock to disable the PIN. To deactivate the PIN enter PIN number then click save. If incorrect SIM PIN is entered more than 3 times, your SIM card is locked and to unlock it you should contact RighTel call center. Stages of disabling PIN code are shown in the image below.

After disabling the PIN the following window opens, where you can enable/disable the PIN or modify it. You can modify by entering a new PIN in the related box then click save.

APN setting

To use RighTel high speed internet APN must be set. The settings are saved for this device. If these settings are not configured on the modem, you can take the following path:

Advanced > Internet

In the lower part of the opened window, there is a Create Profile link. Click on this link to open create profile page and complete the setting as follow:
Profile name: RighTel
PDP Type: IPv4 & IPv6
APN Type: Static
APN: RighTel
Authentication Type: CHAP

There is no need to type anything for username and password sections

After completing the setting, you can connect to RighTel high speed internet. Please note that completing the setting is required for once and after that there is no need to do the setting again.

Roaming setting

The router can be used in roaming mode. Router is preliminary set on LTE; therefore, the roaming is not automatically selected. If you want to use the modem in roaming mode, take the following path to activate mobile roaming: advanced>internet>mobile roaming
To have your device in roaming mode, in addition to changing mobile roaming status, network mode should change to auto status.


SMS setting

The device totally supports Farsi SMS. To use SIM Card SMS service you can refer to users' panel. To access the panel take the following path: advanced >SMS

To use this service for the first time, you should go to SMS setting section to add SMS center number. This is the number announced by operator as its message center which by default is saved on RighTel SIM Cards. The only thing you should do is to enable message center then click save. To read received messages or send SMS refer to SMS menu.


Pars Ertebat Company provides support services for Archer MR200 routers in Tehran and metropolises.
Contact support centers in Tehran and other major cities:
Tehran office Tel: 89395-021
Fars Phone Office: 071-36474428-29-31
Khorasan razavi Phone Office: 051-37038
East Azarbaijan Phone Office: 041-35236747
Isfahan Phone Office: 031-32359414-18 and 32658248
Support services include one year replacement warranty and two years of repair warranty.