SIM Card Replacement (Swap)

In case a SIM card is lost, stolen and defective or needs to be upgraded, RighTel Subscribers can replace their SIM card.
To replace a SIM card, subscribers may visit Rightel stores as well as those sale and services centers whose address are provided on Rightel website.


SIM Card replacement steps (Swap)

  1. In case SIM card is lost or stolen, subscribers can use one of the following blocking methods to prevent misuse of the SIM card:


    • Contact RighTel call center of
      No. of customer services center of RighTel
      1. Call 200 from the RighTel SIM Cards
      2. Calls 09202000000from other lines
    • Account Management System
  2. Then to obtain a new SIM card please refer to RighTel stores or Sale and Services Centers.


  • If a postpaid SIM Card is one-way or two-way blocked due to non-payment of the bill, after hotbill payment, the SIM Card replacement will be possible.
  • If a prepaid SIM Card is one-way or two-way blocked due to end up Rial credit (charge) and completion of package volume or time validation, after the SIM card is recharged through direct topup or RighTel stores, the SIM Card replacement will be possible.

Documents and Requirements for SIM Card Replacement

  • Presence of the applicant or his legal counsel
  • Presence of legal representative of the subscriber (to replace the corporate SIM Cards *)
  • Original national ID card or new birth certificate with the National ID of the applicant / lawyer / legal representative
  • the original and a copy of power of attorney (if lawyer is presented)
  • the original title deed
  • the physical piece of SIM Card (if any)

* The replacement of corporate SIM Cards is only possible in RighTel stores.