Web chat system guide

Dear user,
By entering the " Web chat System", which is one way of communicating with the RighTel Center experts, you can respond to questions or follow up on your problems.
At the moment, this system is ready to respond every day from 8:00 to 20:00.

How to login to the Web chat System

  • To access this system, visit the RighTel website at www.rightel.ir.
  • Then, select the "Web chat System..." from the bottom right of the website.
    عکس صفحه ابتدایی وب سایت رایتل
  • Choose from the "RighTel subscribers" and "Login as Guest" options.صفحه ابتدایی وب چت

Login as Guest

Enter your mobile number without the two primary digits (09) in the "subscriber mobile number" section. Then enter your name & last name in Persian or Latin letters and enter your email address & security code in the relevant sections. Then select the "Login" option.
ورود به‌عنوان میهمان

Login as RighTel subscribers

  • Enter your mobile number without the two primary digits (09) in the "Subscriber mobile number" section and your (E-care) password in the "Account Management Password" section. Include the image code displayed in the "Security Code" section in the relevant section. Finally, select the "Login" option.
    ورود به عنوان مشترکین رایتل
    In case of forgetting or having no account management password, click on the "Forget / Reset Password" option.
    To find out how to reset your account management password, refer to the guide of this system at https://www.rightel.ir/help-ecare#login. صفحه ورود وب چت
  • After completing the requested information and selecting the "Login" option, the following message will appear for a moment and then you will be directed to an expert chat with the online chat window.
    ورود وب چت - کد امنیتی

Web chat system Window

  1. The Responsive Expert Code is displayed at the top of the window.
  2. To minimize the window, click on the "-" (Minimize) at the top of the page.
  3. Your message will be sent to the expert by selecting or the Enter key.
  4. By choosing the "End chat" option, the chat will be completed from your side and will be redirected to the poll page.
    وب چت - چت کردن
    • On the polls page, you can answer the question about solving problem and reviewing your request, and rate the treatment and guidance of the relevant expert.

    • At the end, the following message is displayed.
      If you wish, you can choose the option "Login to Web chat system " again.
      نظر سنجی
    • The following message will be displayed if the requested information is not entered within the time permitted. By selecting "Login to Web chat system ", you can go back to the initial window to login.
      گذشتن از مدت زمان تعیین شده
    • The following message will be displayed if you disconnect from the Web chat system during chat. By choosing "Reconnect" you can contact the experts again.

How to locate from Google Map

If the relevant expert, in order to address the problem and have further guidance, need to check your location, than to send your location link, proceed as follows:

  • First, please visit:
  • Then click on at the bottom of the page (left or right of the screen).
    موقعیت یابی
  • Next, click on the
    اشتراک گذاری موقعیت
    اشتراک گذاری موقعیت 2
  • Then paste in Web chat system.
    کپی در سامانه
  • In the final step, click on the ،send your location link to the relevant expert.
    Do not use any anti filter in order to send your current position correctly.
    انتقال نهایی