Introducing Online Auction

Online auction for purchasing round numbers is an opportunity for you to join us with an indelible number!
In this plan, you can purchase your intended postpaid SIM Card and enjoy its gift packages.

The stages to take part in online auction of postpaid SIM cards

  1. Create an account on Online Auction page.
    • You have to enter your identity information to sign up on RighTel. Everything you enter will be checked with Department for Civil Status Registration database. You cannot sign up if your ID information is found to be incorrect.
    • You will then be able to enter above-mentioned portal with your email address and password to submit your request for taking part in RighTel round numbers auction.
  2. Auction participants should charge their account balance for the whole required amount of participation.
  3. Winner of the auction would be the one who has submitted the highest suggestion. Second- and third-place finishers would be determined as the first and second reserves.
  4. Winner's SIM Card will be posted via registered mail to his/her address entered in his/her account.

For more information on conditions and regulations for participation in RighTel postpaid round numbers auction, click here.
Winning SIM Card will have the following gifts.

One postpaid SIM Card with infinite package
Services usage validity (days)
On-net voice calls, SMS, and MMS Unlimited 30
Internet 30 GB* 30
Off-net voice calls 500 minutes 30
Off-net SMS 500 SMS 30

* Including 10 GB all the times and 20 GB at off-peak hours.

All winners of the auction would be liable for reception of a prepaid SIM card, together with which, on top of its postpaid SIM card's initial exceptional gifts, following additional gifts are presented.

Starter package of gift prepaid SIM card
Services usage validity (days)
On-net voice calls 10,000 minutes 30
On-net SMS 10,000 SMS 30
Internet 500 MB 30


  • Fair usage limit for voice calls is 10,000 minutes and for SMS and MMS is 10,000 ones.
  • Off-peak hours are from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.
  • In case some included services such as voice calls, normal/off-peak traffics, SMS, etc., are run out, you can make use of other services up to the end of the period within which they are activated.
  • Foreign nationals residing in Iran are not included in this plan.