International Roaming Service

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Nowadays, traveling has become an integral part of human life and constant access to communication services has become important for people. Therefore, RighTel has tried to increase network coverage abroad by offering international roaming services to its subscribers so that they can RighTel service with appropriate tariffs. Using RighTel international roaming service in a foreign country, subscribers will not need to buy a SIM card because their SIM card can use this service to make calls and send SMS in contracting states.
Currently, it is possible to use the international roaming service for RighTel SIM Cards in more than 142 countries of the world with 3G network and in more than 61 countries, 3G/4G network. For more information about countries list and detailed tariffs, please refer to the international roaming tariff page.

Features & Benefits

  • There is also credit transfer (charge) for RighTel subscribers when using international roaming service, which allows you to increase credit of your RighTel SIM Card on overseas trips, to receive credit from other RighTel subscribers. For more information, visit the credit transfer page.
  • • Using the international roaming packages, you can use international roaming communication services with the lowest cost. For more information, refer to the internet package and discount tariffs of international roaming page.
  • All Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers of RighTel can take advantage of this service in any of the countries under RighTel coverage. This service is now enabled by default for all RighTel subscribers.
  • when using RighTel international roaming services abroad, individuals who contact you from Iran do not need to change the numbers and they have the ability to call you without the destination number.
  • Due to the fact that international roaming service is activated for all prepaid and postpaid subscribers, at the time of entering the area of contracting states, the service is automatically activated. (If there is no automatic activation, please turn off your phone then turn it on.)
  • At borders, there is always a possibility of overlapping between Iranian and foreign networks. Therefore, subscribers should make sure that their device is under RighTel coverage or other domestic operators in national roaming mode.
  • Using of all USSD codes are possible in international roaming mode.

How to use the 2020 SMS system when using the international roaming service

Description Send to 2020 Request type
For activation of service, send "ON IR" to 2020 system. ON IR Activation
For view status of service, send" VIEW IR" to 2020 system. VIEW IR View Status
For deactivation of service, send "OFF IR" to 2020 system. OFF IR Deactivation
For help service, send "HELP IR" to 2020 system. HELP IR Help
Viewing international roaming package HELP6 Help
Viewing international roaming setting HELP SET Help

Dialing a Number when you are using International Roaming Service:

  • For Mobile Phone:
    00 + country code+ phone number (drop 0)
    For example: 009892*********
  • Dialing a Landline:
    00 + country code + city code+ phone number
    For example for a phone number in Tehran: 009821********

* For more information about roaming setting, please visit the Roaming Setting Manual.
* For more information about roaming costs, please visit the International Roaming Tariff.