Students Plan

Students Prepaid SIM Card with a Three-Month Initial Package

As the first high-speed internet provider of the country, RighTel intends to provide the college students with the opportunity to make use of the most cost-effective and unique modern-generation internet services on the occasion of introduction of the new academic year. In this plan, all college students can purchase RighTel prepaid SIM cards.

How to Purchase a Students SIM Card

Regular Customers
Applicants can purchase a SIM card by one of the following methods:

  • Referring to RighTel stores
  • Referring to one of Rightel sale and services centers
  • According to the announcement of Communication Regulatory Authority organization, it is imperative for non-Iranian citizens to refer to RighTel stores or Sales & Services Dealers for sign up & purchase of RighTel SIM Cards.

Corporate Customers
Applicant universities and organizations can enjoy special discounts in purchasing RighTel SIM cards using one of the following ways:

  1. Sending written requests to the following postal address, fax, or email
    Address: No. 8, Mehrdad St., West Armaghan St., past Niyayesh Crossing, Valiasr St., Tehran, Iran
    Fax: 021-26214696
    E-mail address:
  2. Referring to central store with having purchase request letter and letter of introduction in hand. Before making a reference to the store, you are cordially asked to make a call to RighTel Customers Service Center to get informed of required documents and purchase conditions.

You may get involved in this plan and make use of all RighTel modern-generation internet service by paying only 41,284 Rials as for one gift data or prepaid SIM card for duration of 90 days.

Advantages of Students Plan

Reception of a prepaid SIM card for duration of 90 days of RighTel gifts, including:

  • 12 gigabytes of internet (6GB+6GB on off-peak hours)
  • 30,000 minutes of on-net calls
  • 30,000 on-net SMS
  • One gift data or prepaid SIM card


Real value of a 90-day internet package based on ordinary tariffs would be several times the paid amount. You dear college students, however, can get into a great money-saving practice by activating RighTel modern-generation high-speed internet services all for only 41,284 Rials. After termination of this period, additionally, you will be provided with the most cost-effective internet packages all over the state.
* Value-added tax is not applied in this amount of money.

The First 30-day Gifts
Service Usage Time limit
3G/4G Internet 2GB+2GB on off-peak hours 30 days
On-net Calls 10,000 minutes 30 days
On-net SMS 10,000 30 days
The Second and Third 30-day Gifts
services Usage Time limit
3G/4GInternet 2GB 7 days
3G/4GInternet 2GB on off-peak hours 30 days
On-net Calls 10,000 minutes 30 days
On-net SMS 10,000 30 days


  • Off-peak hours start from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.
  • The 2GB gift internet in the second and third 30-day intervals might be used for 7 initial days from the day on which the second term begins. It is important to note that deadline of usage of the two gigabytes of internet in regular times at the second and third 30-day intervals is seven days, after which period your internet usage will be calculated under regular tariff. Or else, you can purchase internet packages.
  • Your data remaining at each period (if it is not reached the 30-day usage limit) is not transferable to the next one.
  • In case of invalidity of the presented student card, above-cited gifts might not be allocated.
  • Your time interval will start right from your first application from your SIM card.
  • Without the need to replace your SIM card, you can make use of 4G internet services by positioning in 4G coverage areas and activating 4G settings on your device at all RighTel plans.
  • All initial-package gifts of RighTel prepaid SIM cards, including calls, SMS, and internet, will be activated only in 3G and 4G coverage areas. In areas outside the RighTel coverage, only basic services, including calls, SMS, and national roaming-covered internet, under 2G coverage areas will be usable (as per regular, i.e., off-package, tariffs).
  • Gift packages and initial packages are respectively the highest in order of being consumed.
  • You can get informed of regulations on plans and packages by calling RighTel's Customer Service Center.
  • In the event that the services (voice calls, regular internet traffic, off-peak internet traffic, SMS, etc.) in your package are terminated, you can make use of other services in the package up to the deadline thereof.
  • For more information on the process of receiving your gift SIM card, please visit the gift SIM card page.
  • It is mandatory to submit a valid student card upon referring to RighTel's authorized stores and representatives.
  • Upon registering for the students SIM card, you can either upload scanned image of your student card unto RighTel portal or send it to the email address:

RighTel Customers Service Center

200 (on RighTel lines)
+98 920 2000000 (on other lines)