Local Data Traffic

Rightel has always taken steps to help support native services and products by Iranian entrepreneurs, service-providers and media. Currently, Rightel offers a more cost-effective tariff to Iranian service-providers to fulfill its fair share in this path and has cut data services tariffs for using the services by selected content-providers hosted in Iran, in half. Therefore, subscribers who use their SIM Card Data (either in form of package or normal tariff) to visit the selected websites (below), will enjoy the 50% discount.
Also, the tariff limit for local data applications allowed by local users is reduced to one-third of the international traffic tariff limit, which is one-third tariff reduction of 0.2 kilobytes in Prepaid & Data SIM Card and 0.133 Rials on a postpaid SIM Card. And if use of the RighTel traffic volume is in form of a package, the tariff limit is reduced by one- fourth of the international traffic tariff limit.
Qualified social messengers based on approval of the National Center for Cyberspace is as follows:

BisPhone+ social messenger, Soroush social messenger, iGap social messenger, Lenzor social messenger, Jikopics social messenger, Gap social messenger, Bale social messenger
In this way, dear subscriber if you visit the selected websites or mentioned social messengers with using of your RighTel SIM Card mobile data service (in the form of a package or normal tariff), you will be received this reduction on tariff.

  • Any gifts and special gift traffic volumes will not be subject to this reduction
  • The use of Internet services for data traffic that is hosted outside of Iran is in accordance with the above
  • For more information on approved basic tariffs for various SIM Cards, refer to basic tariffs.
  • Using Rightel website services via Rightel network is free of charge.
  • Visit the selected service providers on the below listed websites and related link.