With the Medal the world of football is in your hands
The "Medal" service, with the cooperation and responsibility of Badbadak Haft Aseman, Co. has made it possible for RighTel subscribers to observe news, controversies, matches, score tables and videos related to their favorite clubs and players in the world of sports through this service.
By subscribing to this service and predicting football matches or participating in a day's question match, you can win cash and non-cash prizes.

Some of the features of this application are listed below:

  • Day's question match and prizes 500.000 Tomans on the coupled days
  • Invite friends and have more chances, that is, if your friends win a day's match, you will receive the same prize.
  • Full sports information for more than 40 world leagues
  • Sport news of the day
  • Professional coverage of football matches in all leagues held around the world
  • Attractive sports animations and comedy videos

Activating /deactivating the service

  • Activating
    Text 1 to 20060
  • Deactivating:
    Text "off" to 20060

Note: Participating in football matches prediction, and also in a daily question match is only possible by sending 1 to 20060 and subscribing to the "Medal" service.

How to get the application

This service is available for Android and iOS platforms and after subscribing to the service, the download link will be sent to you.

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How to use the service

  • After receiving the application, enter with your RighTel SIM Card Internet.
  • Enter your RighTel number, select "send" and wait for the code to be sent via SMS.
  • You can use the features of this application by entering the receiving code and choosing "login" option.

Service cost

The subscription cost for "Medal" application is daily 5000 IRR, with a subscription period of 6 months.


Service support and complaint number: 021-41547000
SAT to WED: 08:30 ~ 17:30
Thursday: 9:00 ~ 13:00
Note: Dear subscriber, since this service is provided by a partner company of RighTel, you should call the above support center only for support services.