Missed Calls Alert Service

Using "Missed Calls Alert" Service, subscribers will be informed of any Missed Calls Alert.
In case a subscriber's mobile phone is switched off in Rightel coverage area or subscriber is engaged in conversation, the calls that are missed are saved in the system of "Missed Calls Alert" and when the phonies turned on or subscriber is in Rightel coverage, a notification of missed call is sent to subscriber via SMS.


  • The service is active for all RighTel subscribers by default and no cost is deducted for enabling, disabling or SMSs.
  • The subscribers may refer to User Account Management – Missed Calls Alert, to enable or disable the system.
  • Activating and setting the service by dialing *130#
  • Using 2020 SMS System as shown in the table below:
Description of Function The message that is sent to 2020 SMS Service
View Current Status VIEW MCA
Service Activation Code ON MCA
Service Deactivation Code OFF MCA