MMS to Email

Easy and quick sharing of moments
Do you wish to send a picture, voice or video to another person through MMS but you are not certain that they can receive MMS, or you prefer to share a moment with your friend through e-mail.
Using MMS to Email Service, you can send MMS to emails. In this case, the files are attached to the email sent to the receiver. The receiver of email sees in the address URL, which indicates that the email is sent through your phone number and he may call you if he wishes.


If you have problems sending and receiving multimedia messages, you can refer to Manual for Setting Multimedia Message (MMS), in RighTel portal.

  • In the majority of mobile phones to send a multimedia message, you just attach your multimedia content (images, audio or video) to a text message. In the recipient part, simply enter the email address you wish to send MMS to.
  • To send and receive multimedia messages you need to activate your data transfer service.
  • The maximum size of any multimedia messages is 300 kB.
  • The service is active by default for all of RighTel subscribers.


The cost of sending MMS via email is same as the cost of normal MMS.