Mobile TV

RighTel Mobile TV, Your Continual Companion
With RighTel Mobile TV, you will not miss any show. If you are out of home or there is no TV available with any reason, RighTel Mobile TV is the best choice. If you have access to RighTel network, you can easily watch TV programs in anytime and anywhere by RighTel data.
Watching RighTel TV is possible in two ways:

  • Mobile app
  • RighTel Website

Conditions to use Mobile TV through RighTel website

  • You must be a RighTel subscriber.
  • Your data must be activated.
  • For use of this service, refer to address.
Note: Mobile TV service is accessible through RighTel data and can be viewed with any standard browser.

Mobile Tv

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How to download

The Android version
"Ri-TV" app is be able to install with a minimum Android 4.0.0 operating system on phones and tablets.
Download and install the latest version of Mobile TV service via links below.

Direct Download


Google play

iOS Version

Direct Download


Cost of using Mobile TV service in order to implementation of the National information network's policies and purposes is calculated with 50% reduction at half-price and this reduction will also include in active packages and normal tariff.