Be up to date and enjoy with Myket
Myket in cooperation with RighTel provides offers applications and in-app purchasing to their subscribers. RighTel subscribers can purchase paid applications using credit of their SIM Card through RighTel payment port.
Subscribers can use my guarantee service of Myket to easily purchase any software or game and in case subscribers are not satisfied they can nullify the purchase and retrieve their money.

How to use Myket

  • download Myket application from http//
  • Use your RighTel Internet to enter Myket.
  • After creating an account on Myket, sign in.
  • Download RighTel special applications for free.
  • Go to Myket best sellers and purchase any application you like trusting my guarantee service of Myket.

Conditions of downloading Free Apps Special for RighTel subscribers

  • You should be the subscriber of Rightel
  • The operating system of your device should be Android.
  • Keep your Myket updated. New features are added to each upgraded verion.
  • The Service is not available in national roaming mode.