RighTel partners with Myket

The partnership agreement allows RighTel subscribers to access and download various android applications with special discounts.

  • Starter credit to purchase from Myket in the case of activating RighTel SIM Card
  • RighTel subscribers receive a 15% discount on their first purchase from Myket
  • RighTel subscribers can download top Myket apps available to them for free on special days every month
  • RighTel subscribers enjoy a 50% discount on internet tariff on all apps downloads from Myket

How to download the selected non-free applications

  1. Click to Download Myket application:

    Download Myket application
  2. Choose your application from the selected application
  3. Download will automatically start


  • In case of using a VPN, subscribers will NOT get the 50% discount on their internet tariff.
  • Special days will be announced on RighTel and Myket websites, social media channels as well as My RighTel and Myket apps.


Tel: 021-45637000
Support working hours: 24-hour response

Attention: Dear subscriber, since this service is provided by a partner company of RighTel, to get support services please use the above contact number only.