My RighTel App

My RighTel App

Manage Your SIM Card by "My RighTel" App.
My RighTel enables you to complete a wide range of affairs related to your SIM Card including, but not limited to, purchasing internet packages, buying Rials and Exciting charges, getting aware of your RighTel SIM Card's details and description of your previous and present plans and packages, observing and paying your bills, checking coverage maps, and finding RighTel stores, without having to contact the Customer Service Center.

How to download

Android version

My RighTel, Android version, can be installed on all kinds of smart phones and tablets on which Android 4.4 or higher is performed.

iOS Version

My RighTel, IOS version, can be installed on all kinds of iPhone phones with a minimum iOS 9.0.0 operating system. You do not need to jail break your phone to install the iOS version. This version can easily be installed without damaging your phone.