National Roaming

National roaming is a service by which RighTel subscribers can use basic services including voice call, SMS and 2G Internet of other operators in areas outside the coverage of RighTel 3G and 4G. Thus, RighTel subscribers have the most mobile network coverage in the country.

In national roaming mode, the quality of service provided to RighTel subscribers depends on the quality level of the host operator.


  • This service does not need to be activated and the subscriber is transferred to the national roaming network as soon as he leaves the areas covered by the RighTel network, and upon re-entering the areas covered by the mentioned network, RighTel network is re-registered on the device in a short time.
  • If there is no automatic search, you can manually search and register one of the existing networks.
  • To deactivate this service, all the subscribers should set the settings related to selecting the "network mode" in the device they are using, to Only WCDMA or 3G Only, or manually register the RighTel network in their device. For more information, refer to the National Roaming Service Activation and Deactivation Guide page.
  • It is not possible to make international calls by dialling 020 in national roaming mode.
  • It is possible to use all USSD codes in national roaming mode. For more information, refer to the USSD codes page.

Using Internet service

To use the Internet service in roaming mode, just activate the Data Roaming option on the mobile phone.


The cost of using this service is same as the cost of using RighTel network services, and it is possible to use all packages of RighTel SIM Cards (including voice call, SMS and Internet) in all areas covered by the national roaming network (2G network).