Number selection special plan

Change chance to selection
In the number selection plan, applicants for the RighTel postpaid SIM Cards can register and activate their desired number with the same previous price, i.e. 1,200,000 IRR and without paying a higher price; with a 30-days Infinity plan gift package.

Postpaid SIM Cards gift-selecting number plan (Infinity package)
Products and services Limit of usage Validity
Unlimited voice call, SMS and MMS unlimited 30 days
Internet traffic 30 GB* 30 days
On-net voice call 500 minutes 30 days
Off-net SMS 500 SMS 30 days

*30 GB of internet traffic (10 GB for all day long+20 GB for off-peak hours)

How to purchase

Tips and Rules  

  • Buyers of postpaid SIM Card will receive a set of products and services from RighTel as gifts: Visit the Gift SIM Card page for more information about gifts and how to receive it.
  • In addition to the incredible gifts of the postpaid SIM Card starter package, all these subscribers receive a gift prepaid SIM Card including 30 days of unlimited On-net voice call and SMS.
  • Prices are VAT exclusive.
  • Fair usage limit of voice calls is 10,000 minutes and for SMS and MMS is 10,000.
  • The off-peak hours are 2:00 to 7:00 A.M. In order to provide the best quality on the RighTel network, it is possible to change the off-peak hours if the subscriber behavior changes fundamentally.
  • Gift and starter packages have the highest priority over other packages.
  • Details of the rules and regulations of plans and packages are available through contacting customer service center.
  • In the case of finishing any of available services in the package (voice call, normal traffic, off-peak hour's volume traffic, SMS etc.) you can use other package services until the end of its validity period.
  • Using all gifts of starter package (including voice call, SMS and Internet) is only possible in areas covered by the new generation network of RighTel. Outside RighTel coverage areas, using basic services, including voice call, SMS, and Internet is based on national roaming (second generation network / 2G host operators) and in accordance with normal tariffs of RighTel network (non-package).