Rightel and TVA Cooperation

Rightel and TVA Cooperation

Watch TVA Interactive TV without buying a subscription. As Rightel subscribers, you can watch the most attractive and latest movies and series of Iranian and international in TVA without having to purchase subscription. In addition to watching live TV programs, TVA Interactive TV provides you with access to movie archives and TV series.

Features of TVA Interactive TV

Access to networks and specific TVA service content (TVA Bourse, TVA Nava, TVA Koodak, TVA Film, TVA One, TVA Two, TVA Sport, TVA Sport 2, TVA Avand, TVA Mahfel)

Access to thousands of hours of video content

The capability of watching international movies online with Persian dubbing and subtitles

The capability of adjusting the quality intelligently, by considering the speed of Internet.

iOS, Android and web application versions

Direct access to TVA

Click on the link below via Rightel Internet and watch the video content online by creating an account, without having to pay a subscription fee.

Sign in TVA

Calculating of internet usage in TVA :

The cost of Internet access to the TVA service is deducted from the active subscriber package (normal or starter) and according to the type of Rightel user subscription in TVA.

The cost of traffic volume for Subscribers who watch TVA without purchasing a subscription is calculated in full (full price).

The cost of traffic volume for Subscribers who watch TVA by purchasing a subscription is calculated in half.


If the VPN is on, you are not allowed to use TVA service.

Dear Rightel subscribers, you can call the following numbers to receive support services.

Support number:+98 2175275000

Dear subscriber, since the services announced in this section are provided by Rightel Partner Company, please call only the mentioned number to receive support services.