Postpaid SIM Card

SIM Card Introduction

Purchasing and payment methods

USSD codes

Life Cycle

Subscription Contract

RighTel postpaid SIM Cards which are the first postpaid SIM Cards of modern generation (3G/4G) in Iran with 0920 prefix offer advanced services such as high speed connectivity, conference call, multi-media messaging, and other value-added services to subscribers.

By purchasing RighTel postpaid SIM Cards:

You do not need to purchase credit.

You can easily pay your bills through RighTel account management portal in addition to conventional methods

Benefit from the best basic tariff

It should be noted that the permissible period of validity (two months) for postpaid SIM Card is 600,000 IRR. Postpaid SIM- Card subscribers can increase their credit limit by paying up to 8 million riyals (without taking into account 600 thousand IRR s of initial credit) by referring to the increase in credit limit. Terms of increasing the credit limit are as follows:

Be real subscriber.

Non-violation of the current credit limit of 8 million IRR

No previous debt (pay the latest E-bill)

No SIM blocking (one way or two way) for any reason

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