Introducing RighTel Telecommunications Services Company


RighTel TeleCommunications Services Company was established in 1386 with the aim of operating in the field of new information and telecommunications technologies. In line with expanding its scope of activities, in 1389, the company successfully obtained the license of the third mobile operator in the country from the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRE).

Throughout the years of presence in the field of telecommunications in the country, Rightel, in line with the developments of the telecom industry, with the aim of providing the latest telecommunications services, has always taken valuable measures to upgrade its technologies and expand its infrastructure. Among these initiatives, one can mention completing the nationwide coverage of RighTel through domestic roaming and upgrading significant number of its telecommunication sites to the fourth generation of mobile phone network (4G).

This company, which was only known as a mobile operator before December 2020, took over the responsibility of ICT Holding, a subsidiary of Shasta Company.

This holding includes: RighTel Telecommunications Services Company, Roham Datak Data Transmission Company, Refah Iranian Information Technology Services Company.

Members of the Board

Rouhollah Rahimi

Chairman of the Board

Hossein Mollazade

CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board

MohammadSadegh Karimi

Member of the Board


Development of life and distinctive digital business in providing telecommunications services.


Making an impactful presence in the telecom industry and penetrating the market through the latest Fava technologies (ICT) and multilateral partnerships, relying on domestic capabilities and extensive network coverage, is the mission of RighTel Telecommunications Services Company.


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