RighTel cooperation with Afrinak

Online watching cartoons and animations, with no subscription fee


As RighTel subscribers, you can enjoy watching all kinds of cartoons and animations via RighTel Internet without any subscription fee.

In addition to animation, cartoons and children’s films, Afrinak provides a collection of educational and entertainment films and special series for children and adolescents in a safe and suitable environment for your child.

Direct access

Via Rightel internet, you can have access to Afarinak cartoons and animations by clicking on the icon below.

The most important features of Afrinak:

Free online watching all cartoons for RighTel’s subscribers.

Downloading in-app and watching cartoons and animations without internet (offline) in Afrinak application.

Selecting playback quality and downloading animations.

Adjusting the duration of daily usage of the application by parents.

Selecting the appropriate content display for a specific age group in Afrinak application.

Access to a complete collection of cartoons and animations with Persian dubbing and subtitles.

Watching cartoons in a safe and adapted environment for children.

Internet tariff for Afarinak:

The cost of Internet access to this service is deducted from the active subscriber package (normal or starter) and according to the type of RighTel user subscription in Afarinak.

  • The cost of traffic volume for Subscribers who watch Afarinak without purchasing a subscription is calculated in full (full price).
  • The cost of traffic volume for Subscribers who watch Afarinak by purchasing a subscription is calculated in half.
Afarinak support:


Support number: 021- 64063132

Support working hours: Saturday to Wednesday – 8:30 to 16:30



Dear subscriber, since the aforementioned services are provided by a partner company to Rightel, to get support services please call only the mentioned number.