Granting dealership authorization

How to get sales & services dealership of RighTel Company

In order to extend its Sale and after Sale Services Network, RighTel accepts dealership in all over the country:

General conditions of granting dealership

It is essential possessing a commercial or office space equipped with facilities such as suitable space for the customer and the operator of the service including computer, high-speed Internet, printer, scanner and copiers for providing services. It’s essential that required space have one of the official government state (mobile or computer services, cf., etc.) / the last articles of association and official gazette.

Required documents

  • Copy of National ID card of license
  • Copies of business license, government front office license, articles of association and official gazette (with National ID confirmation)

Completed applicant form of granting dealership 

(download the file from here.)

Complete and signing of the RighTel dealer agreement 

(download the file from here.)

Complete and signing of the RighTel dealer agreement “by the licensee or the legal attorney (the Insert of the notary’s office is required for the certification of the signature).

Complete and sign the tripartite agreement 

(download the file from here.)

Tripartite agreement in which the profile of the applicant is regarded as a third party and the contract is completed in three copies by the “licensee or lawyer” and “relevant distributor”

Completed form to confirm your bank account number 

(download the file from here.)

The type of your account should be Refah bank Inclusive deposit or one of Centralized bank accounts of Mellat bank.

Completed two copies of the credit SIM Card registration form

(download the file from here.)

Send documents

After the preparation and completion of the above documents, the complete package of documents must be sent to the company through a distributor of RighTel. For more information, refer to page RighTel Distributors.

Experts will examine the sent documents in RighTel Company and if approved, the contract for authorized agency of the RighTel shall be registered for the applicant. Subsequently, the distributor of RighTel sends the information of a specific email account for use of the agencies’ Portals and email of RighTel agents, a Hotline SIM card, pamphlets and promotional items to the applicant.

Finally, representative’s name will be placed on the RighTel website on the Dealers of Sale and Services list.