Pin code deactivation Guide

Disable PIN Code guide


All RighTel SIM Cards have a PIN code. After inserting the SIM Card into the device and before it is started, it is necessary to enter the PIN code 1. If you do not want to always enter your phone PIN or you can forget it, you can learn how to disable or change the PIN code.
   ✓ For information on the type and version of the operating system installed, you can refer to the Settings / About Device section on your device.
   ✓ The PIN code disabling guide for tablets with different operating systems is similar to those operating systems.
   ✓ PIN Code 1 is a 4-digit number that is inserted into the SIM Card frame under the scratch and appears in case of scratches.
   ✓ If you enter the SIM Card PIN code 3 times, you must enter the 8-digit PUK1 SIM Card. If you enter the wrong PUK1 10 times incorrectly, you will not be able to reuse the SIM card.
   ✓ There is no possibility to change PUK number 1.