Number Portability Instruction

Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a capability, which enables mobile subscribers to change their service provider without changing their phone number. So far, exceeding 80 countries have provided their subscribers with this service. Dear applicants with this capability, you can change your operator to RighTel aimed at enjoying our diversified services at suitable tariffs without being concerned about losing your phone number. To do so, go over the following steps:

1- E-registration

Referring to the RighTel porting menu at and register your porting request.

Receiving inactive RighTel SIM Card via post.

Sending Verification via SMS and Website.

Receiving port ID number in case of having port requirements (Please keep the number to the end of porting process.)

Paying updated bill within determined time for postpaid subscribers.

Receiving port successful SMS for the previous SIM Card and declare readiness to change the new SIM Card.

2- Registration in person

Refer in person to the RighTel stores.

Provide requested information and OTP code sent to the mobile phone to the store specialist for authenticate and verify the start of porting process.

Receive inactive RighTel SIM Card from the store expert (and pay updated bill within determined time if you are a postpaid subscribers.)

Activate the new SIM Card and join the big family of RighTel.


  • After you apply for porting service, your request might fail to be admitted at different stages. You will be informed of the causes thereof to obviate existing problems and re-application.
  • You can fill out the porting application only after you have read and agreed with porting terms and conditions.
  • To deliver the SIM Card package by post, presence of the applicant and presentation of the national ID card & copy of its image to the post officer is required.
  • It is noteworthy that according to the announcement of the Communication Regulatory Authority Organization, there will be no possibility for porting to none of the operators by non-Iranian citizens.
  • Of course, those RighTel subscribers who have the nationality of other countries and ported to other operators, can still port back to RighTel by proceed from the return to RighTel page.
Rules of porting to RighTel:
General Rules of Porting
General Porting Regulations for Legal Subscribers