Call Management

Call Divert

You can easily divert your calls to another number.

When, you cannot answer your calls for any reason, this service helps you divert incoming calls to another number. The following items are customizable in this service:

  • divert all calls
  • divert call if line is busy
  • divert if the call is not answered
  • divert call if the subscriber is not available
How to activate

You can do all of above settings on your phone in "Call settings" section. The advantage of enabling call divert is that subscribers won't miss their calls.


The service activation is free, but in the case of using this service, you should pay the cost. For example, if the subscriber diverts his number to another number and someone calls him, cost of diverted call is calculated.

Call Waiting

Put the current call on hold.

If you are talking on your phone, the call waiting service allows you to receive a second call even when you are having a conversation you won’t miss the second call. In this case, you will hear a beep sound and the new caller ID which indicates that the second person is on hold. In this case, you can hold the first call and make a second call or second call will remain on hold and you can continue to your conversation. If the service is not enabled the second caller will hear a busy tone.

How to activate

You can adjust waiting mode on your phone settings in the "Call settings".

Call Blocking

The ability to block a call

Using call blocking service, RighTel subscribers can block any national or international calls (except emergency numbers) if necessary. This service helps you restrict your incoming and outgoing calls (voice and video), especially when your phone is not available or when you are in roaming mode. This service will always have an important role in controlling costs.


Call blocking service can be applied for all following calls:

all outgoing calls

international outgoing calls

international outgoing calls when roaming

all incoming calls

incoming calls in roaming

How to activate

You can enable call blocking on your phone in "Call Setting" Menu. The default pin code is 0000. The subscribers may change the pin code in the setting section of their phone. This service is free for all subscribers.