Recharge card

Purchasing RighTel Recharge

Purchasing recharge and increasing SIM Card credit has been one of the subscribers’ needs. If you are a prepaid or data SIM Card subscriber, you would increase your Rial credit by purchasing a recharge card.

Physical recharge cards with amounts of 20,000 Rials, 50,000 Rials, 100,000 Rials, 200,000 Rials and 500,000 Rials have been provided for you. Each recharge card contains two sections: password and serial number which both of them are 16 digits.

To access the recharge code, after purchasing the recharge card, just scratch the covered part of the card.

How to recharge your SIM card

Normal recharge

Dial *141* 16 digits charge code#

Shoorangiz recharge

Dial *145* 16 digits charge code#

RighTel Recharge Cards

Following Points should be considered at the time of purchasing RighTel recharge:
  • 10% value-added tax will be deducted from the credit of the RighTel physical recharge card.
  • Avoid purchasing distorted cards.
  • Enter the recharge code numbers in English.
  • Online purchasing of recharge is available via “purchase recharge card” at RighTel website..