Arghavan Code Guide

Guide of using the Arghavan Code

 1. Click on “Products and Services / products / others / Arghavan code” after signing up to the RighTel website.

 2. To purchase package, select “Purchase package with Arghavan code” and select “View validation date of Arghavan code” option to inquiry expiration date.

 3. Enter the mobile phone number, repeat the number without the first two digits (09) and in the end, insert the security code inside the gray box and click on the “Next “.

 4. Enter the 16-digit gift id below the Arghavan code hologram in the relevant box and click on the “Check” to check the possibility of using the Arghavan code.

5. Select your preferred package.

6. Pay and verify the invoice displayed with the discounts.

7. The selected package is activated for you.



To prevent damage and to calculate the cost of Internet function based on the purchased package, be sure to turn off the "Data service" on your device once and turn on again.